Longing. Does it make me weak?

Longing to be perfect in my imperfection

And for someone to admire that in me.

Some insist the answer is my higher power;

Others say it is my own self.

I tend to agree with the latter

I get lost in my head. Daydreaming.

Longing to be held and cared for.

Is that such a bad thing?

Burying my head in books, causes, events

I guess whatever I can do to distract

me from this longing.

That’s everyone’s reaction.

Longing with every breath in-

and every breath out.

It never ceases.

Suffocating among many

Living in my own world

Tell me I’m next or

help me find peace.

If it rejects me, help me accept it.

While the root of my distress

and cure is uncertain,

this longing has to be justified.

I beg you not to overlook me

Longing can’t be a weakness

Surely, I am not weak.

Weakness is perceived all wrong.

It isn’t a flaw

Flaws don’t exists, only differences

What do you long for?

You must long for something.







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